Tee 1

Sold Out
  • Limited to 25 pcs
  • Cut & Sew
  • 100% Cotton
  • Garment dyed


The fit is completely developed by vibora hills and fits extra baggy. We made the sleeves longer than usual so nobody bothers you with touching those sexy-ass biceps. We encourage you to go for your regular size if you want to wear it "the vibora way" but if you want a snugger fit it would be a good idea to go one size down.

Our t-shirts are 100% cotton and should be handled with care. We recommend to hand wash them whenever possible. When machine washing choose cold processes and don't mix with heavy or rough garments.

It's unique appearance is thanks to the special dyeing process it has gone through. The aim is for the faded effect to increase over the time. Colours could be transferred to other garments if washed incorrectly (try to wash separately when possible). The tones and shadows of the garment might be different from piece to piece as a result of said dyeing process.

That’s all that we can think of for the moment! If you're still unsure about what size fits you best here's a small guide:


S / length 70 cm width 52 cm sleeves 20 cm

M / length 72 cm width 54,5 cm sleeves 22 cm

L / length 75 cm width 59 cm sleeves 24 cm

XL / length 78 cm width 63,5 cm sleeves 26 cm

XXL / length 81 cm width 68 cm sleeves 28 cm